On this page there are a series of 360° photos. The advantage of these photos is that you can move around the scene and take a look all around you.

Don’t hesitate to move around inside the image, you’ll be surprised what you will see (especially at the bottom of the campsite).

The number of photos is limited so we have picked photos that show you the main areas of the campsite to give you an idea of the pitches, the environment and the view from the mobile homes.

And don’t forget to admire the clouds which were out in force on the day the photos were taken!

How to use the 360° images

To move around : click on the arrow or on the image and move in the desired direction.

To look around you : click left on the image and hold down so you can move the mouse to look around.

Cottage front view on the sea

Cottage front sea view


Down of the campsite : bar, rent house kayak, harbour