Pitch on the seafront + Gulf of Morbihan = paradise !


The camspite offers 40 pitches. They have all been designed and levelled off with love.

• The various trees on the campsite provide shade on certain pitches and protect you from the prevailing wind.
• The majority of our pitches are bordered by hedges.
• Our pitches measure on average 100m². The smallest measures 90m² and the largest 120m².
• We make no distinction between tents, caravans and motorhomes. The green pitches on the map are for everyone. (hippy power).
• They are all fitted with a 6 amp electrick hook-up.

The pitches are divided into 4 zones : Belvédère, coin des amoureux (lovers’ corner), Pieds palmés (webbed feet) and Terre du milieu (middle terrain)

1. Belvédère

This is the first zone when you come onto the campsite. The pitches in this area are located on the highest part of the site and offer a fabulous view over the Gulf of Morbihan and Pointe Saint Nicolas. As you can see from the photos, the dense vegetation on the campsite can hide the seaview.
Pitches 76 to 81 are particularly sheltered from the sun by the oldest pine trees on the campsite, planted by the current owner’s grandparents 60 years ago.

The main advantage in this zone is the proximity to the campsite amenities like the wifi zone, shower block, laundry room and reception.

2. Pieds palmés

The « pieds palmés » zone is the nearest area to the sea, ideal for kayakers and shellfish gathering enthusiasts.
Pitches 22 to 26 are shaded by cherry trees, pitches 28 to 29 are exposed to the sun as there are no surrounding trees.
We do not recommend pitches 28 and 29 to customers looking for a more peaceful pitch, due to their proximity to the kayak centre and small harbour. It’s not that busy, but it’s good to know in advance.

2. Coin des Amoureux

This is our favourite zone but it’s a matter of opinion as some people don’t like it ! Outside the main camping area, this zone, comprised of 6 pitches, is out of time.
There’s just a field between you and the sea so you are guaranteed a breathtaking view over Ile aux Moines. This is a great area when there are regattas around the Gulf of Morbihan as you can see all the boats from your tent !
The drawback of this zone, which could also be considered a quality, is the shade of the trees. The sun is in front of you when you wake up (which is rather nice), but is then hidden behind the old pine trees.
So you may be tucked away but you are not in exile ! The shower block is only 60 m away.

4.“Middle – earth”

It is difficult to define this zone as it is comprised of different types of pitches but is is a charming area. We could have put pitches 42 to 45 in the “Pieds Palmés” zone, as it is close by, but we had to make a choice.

Pitches 7 and 13 are nice and quiet. Pitch 13 has a rather odd shaped hedge but once you have parked your car, you can hide away out of sight. Pitch 7 is a spacious, flat, square-shaped pitch but does not offer a seaview.