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The most beautiful sanitary in the universe 🙂

After 35 years of good and loyal service, our sanitary building has benefited from a complete renovation.

5 years of experience, discussions with our customers and visits to our colleagues have allowed us to make our ideal sanitary.

Paradox of history, already a “pilot building” for the department when it was built 35 years ago, we respect tradition by being the first campsite in France to be equipped with new partitions allowing real privacy in the cabins because they leave only 2cm on the floor and on the ceiling against 20cm in classic cabins.

The entrance to our washroom sums up the spirit in which we built it. Functional with touches of decoration and plants to make it pleasant to live and use. The tree is an orange tree.

Dishwashing area

We have provided tubs with a drip tray, as well as additional spaces between the sinks in case of large dishes.

The taps are identical to those fitted to restaurants for diving. If it works for a brewery with 200 seats it must work for us too.

toilets area

Our toilet area consists of 6 hanging toilets.

After 5 years of sanitary households, you end up hating the toilet seats that you can clean, still remain dirty.

When the plumber offered us these ergonomically shaped bowls (well done to the marketing team for the name) we jumped at the chance.

No flaps so no nooks for dirt, a wide rim for the comfort of our seants (but still a little cool) and of course all suspended.

A trash can is provided in the partitions for waste, and we have provided one coat hook per toilet to hang your things.


Hygiene area

This area is divided into 3 types:

4 mirror sinks with sockets and shelves
2 showers with sinks. They are equipped with an undresser and two paterns.
3 showers with undressing screen, 2 coat racks, a towel rack, a quarter-round shelf for storing belongings
3 cabin sinks with mirror, shelves, 2 coat racks and a power outlet in each cabin.

All plumbing in this area is equipped with a mixer so that you can adjust the water temperature to your liking.

Chef’s surprises

After visiting many toilets, we realized that the qualitative feeling depended a lot on the installed floor. A new bathroom with speckled white tiles spoiled a whole renovation. This is why we spent more than expected to install a parquet imitation tile. It underlines the quality of the whole and contributes to the warmth of the room.

The feeling of cleanliness also depends on the brightness of the bathroom. So we installed a maximum of LED spots, each controlled by a motion detector to save electricity. These LEDs are at 3700K, which is, in non-electrician terms, a warm light. The advantage of this light is to give good looks, which is always pleasant on vacation. Its disadvantage is that it lights up less, that’s why we installed a lot of spots.

To bring us closer to the ambience of the SPA, we broadcast ambient sounds through loudspeakers installed on the ceiling in different places of the sanitary.


So ? what do you say about it ? we worked well eh;)